Mist Pro -- Oil Mist Collector

Mist Collectors Coolant oils used in combination with many machining techniques will generate an airborne mist. In combination some operations will create dust. Not surprising the two byproducts generate a sludge. In most circumstances it is desirable/practical to control the airborne destined mist/dust at the source of generation. Keeping it from the general working environment, eliminating haze, house-cleaning problems, protecting other equipment/controls, or operator complaint's). The Mist Collector, Mist Pro filter house provides a POWERFUL suction extending the effective capture zones of source controlling hoods solving those problems. In venting such operations, we would like to knock as much material out of the captured air stream before exposing it to any replacement filter/cost. In response the Mist Collector inlet plenum employs a curved impact plate to turbinate the incoming air stream, immediately removing heaviest/largest of particles. The air stream is then treated by an impingement filter. This metal filter is washable and reusable. Removing further contaminates from the air stream. At this point the greatest mass of material(s) has been removed, with only the smallest/lightest of the particles left in the air steam. The air then passed thought a disposable, multiple pocket, Vee-Bag, filter This filter is made from a polyester material. It is highly resistant to shredding due to heavy loading expected in wet environments. A standard size keeps the filter cost competitive, with greatly shorted lead times for replacement The life expediency is greatly extended by the pre-treatments and 68 sq. ft. of open face area. A HEPA filter, and module can be added if needed to remove oil smoke. The fan wheel and driving motor is located out of the dirty side of the air stream. In keeping sludge from building up on the fan will keep the fan operating at peak performance, and greatly extending bearing life. The VERSATILITY of this Mist Collector allows it to be suspended above manufacturing machines. Secured onto machine enclosures. Pedestal mounted onto the floor or above mezzanine areas. A portable option extends the inlet plenum, adding casters to serve as a mobile unit. The air ducting capability makes this unit extremely ADAPTABLE to most machine layout scenarios. The operation of this Mist Collector equipment is VERY QUIET. Allowing the equipment to be located as close to each operation as possible. Sensitive gear grinders in particular appreciate this equipment. Excessive coolant is drained out the bottom of the inlet plenum. Self washing features can be added. Advanced Dust Collection can provide SIMPLE Mist Collector filter houses ranging up to 3,500 CFM. Simply solving problems, not creating maintenance headaches.