Central Dust Collection Systems

A well-designed dust collection system will improve air quality in the work environment. When faced with the challenge of removing dust from a series of work stations, machines and tools, business owners must choose between a central dust collection system or an industrial air cleaner on each workstation.

A central dust collection system can do the work of dozens of smaller, individual air cleaners, and provide complete dust collection for the entire facility. These central dust collection systems are typically made up of large media dust collectors such as cartridges or baghouses. An inertial separator such as a cyclone or drop out box is then used to pre-sort waste material and remove large chips into bins or drums. The media filtration can then remove the fine particles.

Within the central dust collection sysem, filtration media will typically use mechanical shaking or a sudden air pulse to dislodge built up dust from the filters. Both cleaning systems keep the dust from restricting the air flow through the system. Shakers usually for lighter dust loads or on filter housings that are after cyclone filters and with the fan off so the dust may fall to hopper. The reverse pulse cleans the filters with the fan on forcing the dust off that eventually works its way to the hopper. Depending on the materials being collected a fire detection/suppression system may be recommended. In returning cleaned air back into the general working environment a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Accumulator) filter bank may be desired.